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5 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Good for Your Health.

5 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Good for Your Health.

Scuba Diving and health

Scuba divers can feel and see the health benefits of going underwater

The reasons why we scuba dive are personal. We each want something different out of that blue stuff and we become certified divers in order to pursue this pleasure. We all know it’s fun, but is diving healthy? Does it improve our well-being? Does it improve our state of mind?

You bet it does!

Lets take a closer look at all the health benefits of scuba diving shall we?


 Scuba Diving Health Benefit # 1: Controlled Breathing


My yoga guru and life long dive buddy Michelle Finaly doing yoga in her scuba diving boots!

Scuba Diving brings about a tranquil state of mind that every yoga instructor knows too well

We are taught from day one to breathe slowly and deeply while scuba diving. It makes the air in our tanks last longer resulting in longer dive times. Breathing slowly and deeply not only protects our lungs but health-wise it is great for our whole system. It increases lung capacity, strengthens the respiratory system, balances the nervous system and drains mucus. Calm, slow breathing relaxes us too – it brings about a tranquil state of mind that every yoga instructor knows too well. Calm breathing is proven to promote a positive attitude and can even prevent depression. That must be the reason why every instructor i have ever met is bursting with infectious energy!

Deep breathing also increases our oxygen intake and this is great! According to world-renowned doctor and naturopath Paul Pitchford, of all nutrients, oxygen is the most essential and necessary for all normal physiological functions. Increased oxygen levels in the body raises energy levels, stimulates circulation, benefits heart and lung function and improves mental capacities. When there is sufficient oxygen in the body the need for intoxicants and stimulants diminishes.

Great news fellow divers!


Scuba Diving Health Benefit # 2: Physical fitness


Scuba diving is healthy

Any form of exercise improves cardiovascular performance

Diving is great exercise. The diving itself maintains general fitness and stamina because exercising in the water is extremely effective due to the natural resistance of water against our bodies when we move through it. Each flip of the fin is building your leg muscles, and yet it feels almost effortless. This is why aqua-aerobics is so great – and diving is way more fun! It has been scientifically proven that any form of exercise improves cardiovascular performance. This translates into a lower risk of heart attacks, strokes and circulatory problems in general.

Pre-dive preparation and post-dive habits are also extremely good for us. Lifting tanks, lifting weight belts and walking in equipment are all great ways of toning your muscles. Divers look lean – and they always have a dazzling smile on their faces! Now we know why.


Scuba Diving Health Benefit # 3: Traveling to warmer climates


Scuba Diving is Healthy

Dive travel is great – and sunshine gives us a healthy dose of vitamin D

Diving is much more fun when it’s warm. I am what we call a W.I.M.P – a warm, intelligent, marine person! Dive travel is great – and sunshine gives us a healthy dose of vitamin D (always use sunscreen to avoid sunburn though). Vitamin D makes us smile. Traveling makes us richer too – meeting new people and diving in new places is highly rewarding and this feel good factor is very good for our overall health. Travelling and holidaying in general, means simply taking a break from work and the usual strains of life which reduces stress. Dive travel abroad also means you are likely to meet fun people from all over the world with whom you have a common interest. Have you ever noticed how people tend to be happier and friendlier in a warm climate?


Scuba Diving Health Benefit # 4. Interacting with marine life


Scuba diving is healthy

Exposure to blue light has a calming, soothing effect and normalizes high blood pressure

The pure pleasure, wonder and awe of interacting with and being up close to amazing marine creatures produces a feeling of increased well-being. This feeling is heightened when we have an encounter with a species we feel a certain attraction to, or particular respect for, such as sharks or sea turtles. This produces within our nervous systems similar positive feelings as when we lavish affection on our cherished pets.
And what about the effects of watching the different rainbow colours of reef fish? It has been proven that colour has an effect on humans too. When we are exposed to a particular colour it has a profound affect on our moods and emotions. It has been found that looking at bright intense colours, like those of fish, generally has an uplifting effect. It has also been found that exposure to blue light has a calming, soothing effect and normalises high blood pressure. The colour red on the light spectrum is filtered out by water within a few metres of depth producing a calming, mainly blue colour in the underwater environment.


Scuba Diving Health Benefit # 5: The feel good factor


Scuba Diving is healthy

Scuba diving delivers a high dose of the feel good factor

The feel good factor is the joy you feel when you are on your way to a new dive site; full of anticipation for our what you are about to see and experience. Smiling faces mirror what you yourself feel and that feeling of togetherness is a very special feeling. Divers may arrive at the dive center one by one, but as soon as they pile into the dive truck they become a unit. It is a beautiful thing.



So there you have it: 5 reasons why scuba diving can be exhilarating, awe-inspiring, relaxing, calming, rejuvenating, fun and above all good for you! Your time spent underwater can be so fascinating that you become absorbed by the world around you, you relax and your worries just melt away. Scuba diving, when done right, really can be good for you!

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