Scuba is an absolute delight for so many reasons. Maybe you have forgotten. Maybe your life has become busier, more stressful, more full. “I just don’t have time” seems to be the soundtrack to so many of our lives. You deserve to leave the hectic monotony of your day-to-day lifestyle behind. You deserve the peace and quiet that comes with this unique sport.

Don’t you?

Before you  forget why scuba diving is an absolute delight you need to sit down and think of your last dive.

I bet a particular someone just popped into your head and made you smile. I bet you can picture the last mesmerising sea creature that filled your head with wonder. I bet you can still feel the sand stuck between your toes after you pulled your wet dive boots off and returned your feet to the sand. Did you log your dive using the awesome Scuba Earth app? If you did, why don’t you take a look and enjoy the memories?

Scuba diving makes you happy. Scuba diving is a sport that keeps you fit, awakens your childhood curiosity and every experience is total sensory immersion. You are actively “in” the sport, for the very liquid around you is diving. Do climbers become their mountain? Do footballers become the ball? The grass? I don’t think so.

Scuba diving changes you. It makes you more active in conservation, you become protective of your world both above and below the water. Diving influences your entire life. Diving enriches your experience of the world and broadens your horizons. Its quiet, peaceful and it makes you feel like you can fly.

As we get older our ability to make new friends diminishes. Its a sad truth that we all feel. We become more introverted, less willing to put ourselves out there and less connected.

Scuba diving is an absolute delight because it brings you out of your shell. Diving gives you confidence when meeting others and your dive buddy becomes your best friend quicker than that kid you met in the sand pit on your 5th birthday party.

Your shared experience bonds you like super glue. The camaraderie  of even simple equipment set up and buddy checks makes even the most shy among us feel part of a team.

My PADI Club is an awesome way to stay connected to the dive community. Here you can dive, log, and share your underwater adventures. Check it out!!

So don’t worry if it has been a while since your last dive. Don’t worry that you have forgotten it all – you haven’t, it just needs a little refreshing, trust me! Our  PADI instructors at Scuba Monkey are waiting for you. Our divemasters will make you fall in love with scuba all over again. I promise – you are just one hour away from your next aquatic love affair!

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