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What are Lionfish Doing in Cyprus?

What are Lionfish Doing in Cyprus?     Scientific name: Pterois volitans/miles   Common name: lionfish         Last week Scuba Monkey finally encountered the lionfish which have been seen at the Cliffs dive site at Konnos point. … Continue reading

Slowly Slowly Catch the Monkey – How To Enjoy Longer Dives.

  My father has been an avid diver since the 1970’s and one of his favorite catch phases has always been: “Diving is a hundred hours of work for one hour of fun, but what an hour it is”. This is … Continue reading

Why is the Ocean Blue? What is blue exactly?

The deep blue ocean. The rapture it has over us is mesmerizing and has captivated divers since man made the first rudimentary snorkel out of a hollow reed.  But what actually makes the blue, well – blue? As a diver … Continue reading

Why Nudibranch are my favourite underwater creature.

Often called a a ‘sea-slug’, these beautiful and colourful creatures are my absolute favourite thing in the world.  What is a nudibranch you ask? Well, a nudibranch is a marine snail that has evolved over the millennia and has lost … Continue reading

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