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PADI Women’s Dive Day Almost Here!

PADI Women’s Dive Day is almost here! As a fellow female who is addicted to scuba it’s hard for me to understand why diving is still such a male dominated sport. Women’s dive day is here to change all that … Continue reading

Scuba Diver Training: Your Official PADI Identification Photograph

Scuba Diver Training: Your Official PADI Identification Photograph Scuba diver training is fun. You learn new skills that gives you access to 70% of this planet that was previously inaccessible to you. Its challenging and rewarding, but in order to … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Good for Your Health.

5 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Good for Your Health. The reasons why we scuba dive are personal. We each want something different out of that blue stuff and we become certified divers in order to pursue this pleasure. We all … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why You Should Try Scuba Diving in Agia Napa, Cyprus

Cyprus is home to seven hundred and fifty thousand local residents and plays host to three and a half million visitors every year. As an Island in the Mediterranean Sea travelers are naturally drawn to the coast as the beaches … Continue reading

Underwater Wedding: Travelling Monkeys, Marriage and Mayhem – the Shark edition!

An Underwater wedding? How? Where?   As you may or may not know, Cyprus is a seasonal location – despite what the holiday channels may tell you. Flights to the island are hugely reduced and most hotels close their doors … Continue reading

Slowly Slowly Catch the Monkey – How To Enjoy Longer Dives.

  My father has been an avid diver since the 1970’s and one of his favorite catch phases has always been: “Diving is a hundred hours of work for one hour of fun, but what an hour it is”. This is … Continue reading

A small video showing the beautiful Scuba Monkey Dive center…….

The Dive Shop

The Want

 Every diver knows this feeling. It is an evil little monster that leads us to lust after new equipment. We all think that our first set of scuba will carry us forever: that if it is correctly maintained it will … Continue reading

The Night Dive: Full Moon & BIOLUMINESCENCE

Words cannot describe how beautiful our full moon night dives are.  As the sun sets, the vibrant colours of daylight dives are reduced to an eerily calm darkness.  The ocean’s colourful fish disappear and in their place nocturnal creatures start … Continue reading

Wreck Diving. What makes a man jump off a perfectly good boat?

  Good question. Monkey’s answer is simple. Wreck diving! Wrecks are usually too far from shore to access from land – I know I hate long surface swims – what about you? A boat is needed. The bigger the better … Continue reading