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Liberty Wreck

The Liberty Wreck is  something new for us here in Cyprus. Purposefully sank as recently as  the 27th of  May  2009 by the Paralimni Municipality, this new  Russian cargo ship is hoped to become a new home for a  wide variety of marine life. This artificial reef still has some time to go before it is inhabited however,  it will take years perhaps for the biodiversity to be on par with other wrecks around Cyprus (e.g. The Zenobia) . It is still awesome to see it happen however ….. to  dive it when  it is no more than a wreck on the ocean floor, then return year after year  and witness the  colonizing species (such as algae and invertebrates ) transform  the outer shell into something that provides an intricate structure of food for the other assemblages of fish.

She lies in just 27 meters of water, perfect for those of you who would like to advance your dive training with a wreck specialty, in preparation for your graduating dive on the Zenobia!

Liberty Wreck Location Map

  • Length = 37  meters
  • Max. Depth: 27 meters
  • Entry Type:  Giant Stride/Backwards Roll
  • Experience level: Advanced
  • Points of interest:  Port Holes/ Hatches
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