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The Caves

The caves dive is one of our most popular sites, with      divers returning to it time after time, year after year. A series of 5 different caves and tunnels, combined with  shallow depths of 12 meters allows a diver with even a “Scuba Diver” certification to enjoy one of the most thrilling dives on the island.  Each cave or tunnel has light      penetrating to even the darkest corner….and once your eyes have adjusted you will be able to experience the total serenity that only a cave dive can provide.  Perhaps the most fantastic feature is the unique exit point…..a hole that goes directly from the final cave onto the shores’ rocky platform. You have to see it to believe it…so why not secure your spot on the next cave adventure?!

The Caves - Dive Sites - Agia Napa, Cyprus

The Caves Location Map

  • Max. Depth: 12 Meters
  • Entry Type:  Giant stride/Backwards seated
  • Experience level: scuba diver—advanced
  • Points of interest:  caves, tunnels
  • What can I expect to see:  parrotfish, amberjacks
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