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Dive intern report: A day in the life of an intern

“Fantastic”, “Brilliant”, “frappe” and “simply amazing” are just some
of the words I use every single day while at Scuba monkey. My home
town is Thurso, the most Northerly town in the UK, which
geographically speaking is further north than Moscow!!! As you can
imagine it is fantastically cold, and due to the rough weather is not
a great place for a beginner to dive. My fascination with the sea and
marine life led me to study marine biology in Edinburgh, but the
biodiversity crossed with the warm waters of the Mediterranean, as you
can imagine, in Cyprus is just incredible. My third day as an intern
gave me the opportunity to dive on the Zenobia wreck (one of the best
dives in the world). I got a “high five” from a sea turtle this
morning….epic doesn’t even start to cover my feelings about today.
The staff at Scuba Monkey are some of the the friendliest people you
could wish for, and their diving skills make you question whether they
were actually spawned from seals. If you love diving…or haven’t
ventured into the big blue stuff yet, then these are the guys to see.

Calum Excited

Calum Stronach

Turtle on Zenobia

Turtle on Zenobia





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