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PADI Courses: Adventure Diver

The Adventure Diver course is one that is full of choices. Unlike other PADI courses, you have a choice of dive options available: and you can select the ones that are the most interesting or the most challenging to you.
The Adventure Diver course is a subset of the Advanced Open water course
Each dive counts as one dive towards the corresponding specialty diver courses.
You will complete 3 Adventure Dives from the Advanced Open Water Course
There is no exam in this course – just practical fun!

Who should take this course?

Minimum age = 10 years (Young divers may only participate in certain Adventures Dives – check with your Scuba Monkey Instructor)
Pre-requisite certification = Open Water Diver
Must be able to swim
Good physical health (see medical statement)

What can you do once certified?

Dive between 18-30 meters (if you want to dive below 18 meters then the deep dive option must have been completed)
Dive our Zenobia Wreck – the top 3rd wreck in the world!

What will you learn?

You decide what you want to learn. Do you want to fine tune your buoyancy skills? Try the peak performance buoyancy dive! Do you want to have site specific knowledge of what marine life you can see in the Mediterranean? Choose the Fish Identification Dive! Whatever you are interested in is covered in this truly tailor made course, specifically for you. The scuba monkeys will talk you through which dives are best suited to your areas of interest. Just give us a call!

How can you start learning now?

Register for the Advanced Open water Diver Online via Scuba Monkey’s eLearning link to get started immediately. You can choose between 7 of the most popular Adventure Dives at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Don’t worry if your choice is not included in these seven options, you can also gain access to an online version of the Adventures in Diving Manual and can fill out your knowledge development questions as directed by your Scuba Monkey Instructor.

What scuba gear will you use?

In addition to the basic scuba equipment you will learn to use specialized gear depending on the dives that you have chosen. For example, you will need a dive light if you choose night diving, or a lift bag for search and recovery diving….your Scuba Monkey instructor will explain all of the additional gear you need for each Adventure Dive.

What will my card look like?

2014-c-card-rounded-edgesYour certification card will look like this – and is valid for life.
Scuba Monkey is 100% AWARE – you get a choice of a limited edition certification card (manta ray, shark or PADI Logo) as well as helping the planet. Scuba Monkey donates 10 euro automatically to PROJECT AWARE. We do it because we care!

What’s next?

Your Adventure Diver certification is 2/3rds of the Advanced Open Water Course… why don’t you just do another 2 dives to become one?
You can also continue in your chosen interest area to get even more detailed training with one of our specialty courses. The great news is that each of the dives that you have done counts as credit towards a specialty course. For example, if you chose the Deep Diver option you have already completed one out of the four that you need to become a certified specialty Deep Diver. How awesome is that?

Courses available to you now are:

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