Green Bay
A 10m Dive site perfect for beginners and diver training
Sandy Bay
A beautiful sandy beach with an easy walk-in entry for beginner…
Zenobia Wreck
A 176 meter long, world famous wreck dive to 40 meters
Dive the brand new Museum of Underwater Sculptures or MUSAN for short,…
Cricket Wreck
A 33 meter “Donald Duck” from World War I
The Hole
An pleasant dive with a cave that drops from 11-18meters
The Cliffs
A mega wall dive to 40m that can be modified for…
The Chapel
A tiny church setting for a gorgeous dive with a maximum depth…
The Caves
A 12m dive through 5 different caves and tunnels
The Canyon
A narrow chasm 18m dive with steep cliff walls that leads to…
Liberty Wreck
An artificial reef wreck dive to 27 meters
Nemesis II Wreck
An artificial reef wreck dive to 26 meters
The Kyrenia Wreck
An artificial reef wreck dive to 30 meters

PADI Open Water Diver Course in Cyprus. This is your ticket to lifetime of intense underwater adventure and fun!