The HMS Cricket Wreck

The Cricket Wreck is the only “Donald Duck” wreck in Cyprus. This means she lies upside down with the hull forming the “beak” of this rather adorable term. Originally an alpha class WW1 gun boat she was active in both wars and has a rich history. Located just off the British bases of Dekalia, she was later used for target practice by the RAF and was finally  allowed to sink due to bad weather.  This is great news for us divers. 

At a depth of 33 meters, she lies atop a rather silty seabed, meaning perfect buoyancy control and perfect frog kicks are essential to allow all divers a good view of the wreck. An aggressive fin style would kick up the fine sediment, so make sure you are ready for this wreck with the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course!

Dive Site Description

  • Length = 30 meters
  • Max. Depth: 33 meters
  • Entry Type: Giant Stride/Backwards Roll
  • Experience level: Advanced
  • Points of interest: Port Holes/ Hatches
  • What can I hope to see? Nudibranchs, lionfish, barracuda, and groupers.

Who should do this dive?

  • Anyone with the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification or higher
  • For students on the PADI Advanced Open Water Course 
  • Perfect for those with a “Lust for Rust”
  • For those who love to dive through history itself.
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