The Green Bay

The Green Bay Dive site is famous island wide for its perfect conditions for divers of any level. Whether you are trying SCUBA diving for the very first time, or are a certified diver who loves excellent conditions, Green Bay offers an easy entry into the crystal-clear water of the Mediterranean within a sheltered bay.  A channel leads us from the shallows into deeper water, taking us to “Fish Rock” where you can feed the friendly fish from the palm of your hand. The site then progresses in depth, leading us to our hugely popular “Sculpture Garden”. This is a great place for both photos and videos. Pose with the statues and keep a lookout for turtles who love this site. This is the highest chance for turtle spotting, so keep your eyes peeled! 

This site is also perfect for any PADI course which requires shallow water training (confined Water) as it is sheltered on 3 sides, meaning the water is so clear you will think you are in a salty swimming pool with fish!

Dive Site Description

  • Max. Depth: 10 meters
  • Entry Type: Walk in
  • Experience level:  Beginner/ intermediate
  • Points of interest:  Fish Rock (the table where we offer the fish their own Cyprus meze!), Sculpture Garden and underwater Sea Grass which is the favourite snack for Turtles!
  • What can I hope to see?  Spotted sea bream, wrasse, octopus, starfish, parrot fish,  squid & moray eels and turtles.

Who should do this dive?

Absolutely anyone! Green Bay is perfect for:

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