Sandy Bay

Sandy bay is exactly that – a beautiful sandy beach with an easy walk-in entry for divers.  Palm trees line the waterline, and the sandy beach extends into the sea, which makes it a perfect site for those new to scuba diving.  An added bonus is MUSAN is in the bay just next to this one, making it a great combo for those who take their PADI Scuba Diver Course!

The gentle slope of the beach gradually leads to deeper water, and your dive will be slow and wonderful. It’s a great place for an equipment check  on your pre-Zenobia dive adventure too.

Dive Site Description

  •  Max. Depth: 6 metres
  • Entry Type:  Walk in
  • Experience level: Beginners
  • Points of interest: Calm, crystal waters on a tropical sandy beach.
  • What can I expect to see: Spotted wrasse, parrot fish and moray eels

Who should do this dive?

  • For divers who want to learn scuba but don’t have much time
  • Anyone over the age of 10
  • Perfect for beginners who love beaches!

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