The Canyon

The Canyon dive is a challenge, and well worth the effort. As the name suggests, the canyon is exactly that:  a narrow chasm with steep cliff walls that leads to the open ocean.  This site is a favourite for stingrays who have fallen under the influence of Cyprus, The Island of love….and choose to mate here.  A diver who has luck on their side may just be fortunate to “catch them in the act”! A secondary feature of this dive is a ‘second canyon’, with colours that just beg the avid underwater photographer to capture this breath-taking ecosystem.

Dive Site Description

  •  Max. Depth: 18 Meters
  • Entry Type: Giant Stride
  • Experience level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Points of interest: 1st & 2nd canyon
  • What can I expect to see: Stingray’s mating, trumpet fish, soft shelled crabs, moray eels

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