The Chapel

The site of the Chapel is a popular one with divers. The tiny church setting atop the cliffs is one of the most breath-taking landscapes on the island and provides a beautiful spot for a relaxing surface interval (we suggest a slice of ice-cold watermelon after your dive!).  The entry point is in a quiet cave, and the variations in depth allow divers of all certification levels to thoroughly enjoy their dive.  The cliffs above the cave also provide those adrenaline junkies the extra activity of cliff jumping straight into the deep blue sea, awesome…. but not for the faint hearted!

Dive Site Description

  • Max. Depth: 9-30 meters
  • Entry Type:  Giant stride/seated entry
  • Experience level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Points of interest: Views of Konnos Bay
  • What can I hope to see:  Moray eels, octopus and even the occasional turtle!

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