The Cliffs

As the name suggests, The Cliffs are exactly that…..a  mega wall dive that sees the sharp edge of the Cyprus landscape meet the crystal  waters of the Mediterranean.  It is also one of the deepest dive locations on the island,  available from  shore.  Perfect for those of  you who would like to take their training past the Open Water Level,  or to simply experience  the awesome contrast between land and sea, The Cliffs dive site will not disappoint. Located next to the gorgeous Konnos Bay, the Cliffs is a dive site that must not be missed. 

Dive Site Description

  • Max. Depth: 6-40 meters. This is a multi-level dive site that can be modified for all divers of all experience levels.  
  • Entry Type:  Backwards push off/controlled seated
  • Experience level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Points of interest:  Wall Dive, Parachute Rock,  
  • What can I hope to see?  Barracuda, Octopus, Moray Eels, Parrot fish, Sea Bream,  Amberjacks and Lionfish, Eels and Turtles.

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