The Hole

Located just 20 meters away from the Green Bay entry point (see Green Bay description for full details) the Hole provides the diver with a new site to explore while the others are taking their first breaths underwater.  As the name suggests, the main feature is a huge cave…. with the unusual entrance being atop the rocks surface, AKA “a hole” that drops from 11—18 meters instantly.  There is also a small swim through to test your buoyancy skills, making it a perfect site to practice for your Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty! After you have fully explored the cave, it is possible to even join your loved ones before they finish their dive without even getting out of the water!!

Dive Site Description

  • Max. Depth: 18 meters
  • Type:  Shore
  • Experience level: Beginner-Advanced
  • Points of interest:  Caves, swim-throughs
  • What can I hope to see?  Octopus, Squirrel fish, caves and Turtles.

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