MUSAN (Museum of Underwater Sculptures Ayia Napa)

Have you ever heard the name Jason deCaires Taylor before? I hope you have, but in case you have not, do not worry – Scuba Monkey has got you covered.

Jason deCaires Taylor has been changing the world of art installations around the globe since 2006 and Ayia Napa, Cyprus is home to his latest creation. Located just 200 metres away from Scuba Monkey as the crow flies, this new wonder of the world is on our doorstep and we cannot wait to take you there.

Jason deCaires Taylor is famous for addressing global issues by using his art to bring about environmental awareness. He addresses issues such as poverty, addiction, capitalism, or equal rights to name but a few. He places environmentalism at the forefront of his inspiration – and aims to bring about active change though art and the messages they deliver. Marine issues like overfishing, the destruction of marine environments, coral bleaching and other complex problems are all illustrated using thought provoking underwater statues. 

A non-toxic, PH Neutral material is used to create individual sculptures that form an entire theme of a concept. Each sculpture has its own personal message, and the collective works will allow us to broaden our minds and educate ourselves. 

The museum is the newest artificial reef, encouraging growth of flora and fauna to eventually cover the artwork. Before they are colonised, each piece depicts both objects and people. This dive site is now home to an underwater forest, and the people who enjoy it. Trees line the prescribed dive route, aimed to take you on a journey among the people who typically enjoy a forest. Children holding video cameras, a woman taking a snooze under the shade of a tree are just two to name a few.

We are thrilled to be able to take you to this unique dive site. Come back year after year and witness the colonisation for yourself. Take photos and compare them after every dive. What  a joy to promenade among such a gorgeous artistic landscape!

Dive Site Description

  • Max. Depth: 10-12 metres
  • Entry Type:  Giant Stride/Backwards Roll
  • Experience level: Anyone with the PADI Scuba Diver Certificate or higher
  • Points of interest:  Sculptures, underwater information and totally immersive experience.
  • What can I hope to see?  – Who knows? Let’s go diving and see!

Who should do this dive?

  • Anyone with a PADI Scuba Diver Certification or higher
  • For those who want to actively be part of the global conservation movement.
  • Photographers

Are you new to diving? You can also visit this installation when you take the PADI Scuba Diver certification (or chose platinum Discover Scuba Diving Option)

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