The Zenobia Wreck

The Zenobia sank at 2.30am, 7th June 1980, just outside Larnaca and since then she has become world famous. Voted the top 3rd wreck worldwide (Diver Magazine 2007) the Zenobia is perhaps the “crème de la resistance” of what we can offer you, the experienced diver. Unluckily, this roll-on-roll-off ferry went down fully loaded on her maiden voyage, coming to her final resting place on her port side in 42 meters of water. Lucky for us though……she went down ‘fully loaded’ with over 100 different cars and luxury trucks on board, and since then no salvage has been done. This artificial reef is the perfect training ground for advanced divers to earn their Deep, Wreck and Boat Specialties…. Why don’t you take advantage of our Enriched Air Nitrox to really maximize your bottom time and truly explore this metal giant?

Dive Site Description

  • Length = 176 meters

  • Max. Depth: 18-42 meters

  • Entry Type:  Giant Stride/James Bond

  • Experience level: Advanced

  • Points of interest:  Lifeboats/bridge/trucks/propeller

  • I expect to see:  Giant grouper, moray eels, tuna, turtles.

Who should do this dive?

  • Anyone with the PADI Advanced Open Water Certification or higher

  • For students on the PADI Advanced Open Water Course (you can complete your training on the Zenobia)

  • As it’s a very deep site, the Zenobia is perfect for completing your PADI Deep Diver specialty on

  • Perfect for those with a “Lust for Rust” – this wreck is absolutely huge and it will take your breath away

  • Curious divers who are currently on the PADI “Zenobia Diver” distinctive specialty course.

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