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Five Reasons Why You Should Try Scuba Diving in Agia Napa, Cyprus

Cyprus is home to seven hundred and fifty thousand local residents and plays host to three and a half million visitors every year. As an Island in the Mediterranean Sea travelers are naturally drawn to the coast as the beaches are beautifully clean and water is beautifully warm, and snorkelers can enjoy looking at the marine life…so why should we go further? Why should we try scuba diving? Here’s a few things to consider:


 1. Scuba diving is easier than you may think.


scuba diving is easy and awesome

Scuba diving is easier than you think

Scuba diving is basically breathing underwater. Breathing and swimming. Can you do those two things? I’m pretty sure that you can. You don’t even need prior training, you don’t need to be certified. PADI offers an amazing program called “Discover Scuba Diving”, which takes just half a day and allows you to learn all the fundamentals of diving under the watchful eye of an instructor.  Once you enter the water the reason we dive will become clear instantly. The equipment that felt so heavy a second ago on land becomes weightless and you can now move in all directions: up, down, side to side; gravity becomes a memory.  It is simply amazing. All you have to remember is to keep breathing and equalize your ears by pinching your nose as you did on the aeroplane.


  2. When you scuba dive you will engage with marine life


Scuba diving lets you get up close and personal with marine life

Scuba diving = close encounters of a marine kind

The key word here is engage. When you scuba dive in Ayia Napa Cyprus you will see fish in a totally new way than you are used to. They are not partitioned away from you like in an aquarium. They are not taken away from their home and imprisoned away behind the glass. They are at home. They are in their element and they love to share this space with us – even though we look a bit alien in all of our gear. Can you imagine swimming through a thick shoal of fish? Can you imagine seeing an octopus squeeze himself into an impossibly small hole? Can you imagine having the time enough to just be in the moment – suspended and weightless, unlike snorkelers who have to be connected to the surface? You don’t need to imagine it. Book your scuba dive now, it will change your life.


 3. It is extremely peaceful down there


scuba diving = true peace

Scuba diving is true escape from the office


Planet earth is teeming with people, 7 billion of them all with cars and smart phones and a million other loud responsibilities.  The ocean is peaceful. It is silent. Everything is in slow motion. Your smart phone will not work. Great news huh? Our lives are so full today. Work is hard and holidays are precious. Holidays are for relaxing. Holidays are about winding down and giving yourself much needed respite. Unfortunately today’s world has trouble letting you go. Emails still come in. Your boss can still call you. Your kids are screaming at you about ice cream, water parks and who pushed who in the back of the rental car. When you go diving it is like someone hits the “pause” button on the world, because it is another world. When you dive you are living in the moment, in the now. You are totally immersed and weightless and free. Now that is what I call a holiday


  4. Scuba diving makes holidays more exciting


scuba diving = unlimited access

Scuba Diving gives you access to 100% of the planet

Cyprus is fun; the beaches, the restaurants, the nightlife, the ancient ruins of Curium. Every holiday destination has something that makes it unique. Are you actually seeing the world for all it has to offer? Planet earth has the nickname of “The Blue Planet” because more than 70% of it is covered with water.  When you are a diver you can truly see a country, because you can explore both above and below the water line. Each country is unique, and Cyprus is no different. When you have completed your discover scuba diving program you can go on to become a certified diver in just 3 more days. The Open Water course lasts a lifetime and it opens the door to the possibility to become more advanced. Cyprus is home to the 3rd best shipwreck in the world, The Zenobia, and once you have become an Advanced Open Water diver you can join us for an expertly guided dive around this huge metal giant. Diving lets you enjoy the world, and if you want to see it you simply must be a diver to do so.


 5.You will make new friends when you are a scuba diver


Scuba Diving is highly social

Once you have tried scuba diving you will make instant friends with anyone who has taken the plunge

Diving is the most social activity that I have ever encountered. It is the least judgmental, most accepting sport in the world. When you are a diver it does not matter how old you are, where you come from, what sex you are, what religion you practice or what you do for work – a diver is a diver. Once you have tried it you will make instant friends with anyone who has taken the plunge. There are a million new divers who join this elite group every year and countless others who have been doing this since PADI’s creation in 1966. Diving is a passion that is all consuming; a great dive breeds an enthusiasm that is contagious. You will share experiences with like-minded people and form a bond that is unbreakable. Your friend list will become more diverse as it grows exponentially. Other divers’ experiences will fuel your need to travel to more dive destinations, will fuel your desire to take more and more training to gain experience.  I have been a diver for over 20 years and I am still meeting people who make me lust after more. Be warned: scuba diving is highly addictive and it will change who you are, and change you for the better. You can take that to the bank.


Have you just tried diving for the first time? What made you try? What was the most memorable moment underwater? Tell us your story!

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