How do humans see the world? We use our eyes. We smell our surroundings. We immerse ourselves in our experiences. We want to explore the world; it is in our DNA. I know this to be true because you, the reader is here, trying to gain perspective on all things new and exciting. You have just booked your holiday to Cyprus, and you are understandably excited.

You want to explore, experience, and get excited.

Don’t you?

This blog will give you the low down on how to gain perspective of the Cyprus underwater world…. because face it, it rocks below the surface.

Scuba Diving in Cyprus is the best way to gain perspective of the Cyprus underwater world. Scuba Diving in Cyprus will bring the unknown realm into your field of vision, it will add a depth to your visit, and it will change how you travel in all your future adventures.

The clarity of the Mediterranean is unmatched anywhere else on earth. The water is calm, and the climate boasts over three hundred days of sunshine a year. The sea rarely drops below 16 degrees centigrade in winter and can reach as high as 32 degrees in the summer. That is warm. Really warm. Its like a warm bath full of bubbles, fish, and shipwrecks. As of 2021 it is also home to the latest art installation by Jason deCaires Taylor – the MUSAN is now open, and we are excited to dive around this interactive wonder. Underwater sculptures of trees, people and objects have become an artificial reef. A new home for countless species and a visual delight to us scuba divers. This underwater experience gives a new perspective to art in all its 360-degree glory, for now you can swim around the sculptures in their entirety. 

You can also gain perspective of the Cyprus underwater world even if you have never tried diving before. Our three ways of starting out will ease you into the joys of scuba diving with the PADI Discover Scuba Die program or the PADI Scuba diver course. Choose your immersion level with any of there – just click here! The third option will allow you to experience the MUSAN in just 1.5 days – what are you waiting for?

More ways to gain perspective of the Cyprus underwater world include:

  • Dive green bay and meet the turtles
  • Dive the world-famous Zenobia Shipwreck
  • Understand how to protect the underwater world with a “PADI Dive Against Debris” dive
  • Do a fish identification course and learn all the intricate details of the Cyprus Waters


What are you waiting for?

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