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I Dream of Scuba.

dream of scuba

When I Sleep I dream of scuba.

When I Sleep I dream of scuba. Scuba diving is my life, I have done nothing else nor could imagine leaving my underwater family. Every customer that comes through Scuba Monkeys doors leaves as a friend, every instructor I meet teaches me something and improves my scuba skills. Scuba diving is everything. It is my working week and my Sunday best. I dive for work all week, but I also dive on every day off. People say I am crazy, but only the ones who don’t dive. For those who have tried scuba diving and fallen in love – this blog is for you. The crazy ones. The addicted ones. The ones who never have dry hair or a dry wetsuit. Why do we dive? Why can’t we stay dry when we are next to the sea?


We say yes. We say yes a lot.


We are open to everything new and exciting and we never want to miss out.  The fear of missing a dive only to have camera after camera display that elusive turtle on the Zenobia Wreck is so great that we cannot bear to hear the splash of divers entering the water around us. The ocean gets into our DNA, it is part of us, and any separation is painful. I simply have to live next to the sea, it is so sensual – so full of mysterious life. The sound of the waves gently lapping against the coastline puts me to sleep every night and awakens me every morning. I go to work and I am underwater within hours of waking up. That is pretty special.


Diving became my career because I was passionate about it. When we teach an open water course we are adding an ambassador to the oceans protection. Once you train a diver it is impossible for them not to want to conserve what they see. Threats from global warming, unsustainable fishing practices and species endangerment become real to them. As instructors we are educators. We are explorers. We are adventurers. We care on a fundamental level that many non divers do not. We see the world as an interwoven web of cause and effect, and we take action on a local – and therefore global – level.


“The Ocean gives back more than it takes and I think the world could use a little bit more of that” –  Drew Richardson CEO of PADI Worldwide


Nothing gives me goosebumps more than hearing him say this. The video below shows in just 5 minutes all the reasons why I got into diving, What do you feel when you watch it? Does it make you want to hang up your business suit and head for the nearest body of water to you? I hope so.



Video LInk:


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