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Missing Scuba Mojo? How to Re-Kindle Your Diving Passion.

Get your MOJO back....Jump in and get involved!

Get your MOJO back….Jump in and get involved!

Impossible as it may seem to you, diving, like life, gets monotonous. How is it possible for one to become bored underwater? How is it possible that the  sheer joy of being weightless and immersed in another world  becomes dull and unexciting?

Trent Reznor’s lyric comes to mind…. “I believe I can see the future as I repeat the same routine”.

Routine is the explorers’ worst enemy.  As comfortable as it is to always visit the same sites, dive with the same people and take the same photograph over and over again you will become bored. The sense of adventure may be lost and you may be tempted to hang up your fins for good.






Why did you start diving? Who was it that ignited the diving bug inside you? What was it that held you in a state of rapture? I can tell you. It was the unknown. When one treads out of their comfort zone the explorer is awakened and you start to live in the now. You are nervous to try something new and this is what living is all about. So broaden your horizons; be it an exploration trip on a live aboard or travelling to a faraway land. Try a new method of diving – the rebreather, or the side mount system. These open another door that takes you further and further down the rabbit hole of discovery. Challenge yourself. Take a new course, have a post dive beer with a buddy from your boat trip, connect with like-minded people and build a whole social network around it. They will become your family. Their passion is contagious. Their strengths are different to yours – and together you become a stronger underwater unit with a common goal in mind – explore, explore, explore!


Travel. Nothing is more exciting than the anticipation of a new dive location and the feeling of putting miles between you and the more humdrum normality of your work life.  Do your homework. Be prepared, but be flexible – it is one thing to have a list of dive sites that the guide books have recommended to you, but also remember that finding a dive site which is not in the books could be a real gem to write home about.


Equipment. New toys are there to be used, and trust me, if you have spent your hard earned cash on a new set of regs you will be so excited to get them wet that they will practically jump out of your bag and attach themselves to your cylinder! If you already have a complete set then why don’t you see what other things your want monster is lusting over? Treat yourself. You deserve it.


Friends. The social side of diving is huge. It is almost a religion.  Get involved. This is perhaps the best piece of advice that I can offer you. If you feel your passion has started to wane then call your new friend on Skype and see what adventures he has had. Perhaps even organise a trip together and swap stories under the next palm tree that you spend your surface interval under.


Education. Advance your training, improve your skills and increase your knowledge. Whatever your level, there is always more to learn. Your dive centre can guide you through where your diving journey can take you. Aim high and reap the benefits. Knowledge is power, and experience is the key to broadening your horizons. There are so many specialty courses on the menu – there will be one for you to find totally absorbing.


So monkeys – what is your dream? Dream it and then do it! Dreams are an affordable reality and I hope your “dry-spell” will be a short one because I can’t wait to see you underwater again very very soon!



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