As if I didn’t need something else to obsess about, but here I am – addicted to wetsuits.


Because they look so much better than they used to – that’s why!

The Women’s wetsuit market is exploding. Exploding with choices, colour, materials, stitching, and every other option you could imagine.

Specially designated female wetsuits make scuba comfier. More feminine. More flattering. Because let’s face it girls; we can and will have it all and we are going to look damn good while we do it!

So which wetsuit is my favourite? Which one is my want-monster screaming for next? Which one is the most functional? How much wetsuit do you need from a wetsuit anyway?

Wetsuits are essential to diving. Without one we would all be trembling little balls of shivering teeth and hypothermic limbs in scuba. We need them to keep warm. The first wetsuits did exactly that and not much else. Why would you need more?

Because humans never stop wanting, we need to innovate, improve, and ultimately share our creations, and I’m happy with a lady’s choice in 2022

My wetsuit of choice for the last 7 years has been a ladies 5mm Beauchat Forcea comfort wetsuit. It is crazy warm thanks to its “fireskin” technology and the high quality Elsakin neoprene fits the female form like a glove. The only thing I am not happy with is the quality of the stitching overall, which comes loose in certain places quite easily. Despite this, I bought the same suit three times because I was so happy with it.

However – times are changing, and it was finally time to have a look at what was new in the diving world.

So, I booked a ticket to BOOT (Insert link here) one of the largest annual dive shows in Europe that takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany. This was back in 2019, before the world ended due to COVID19, however. Here I met an amazing woman called Izabella Meyer, the owner of Mermaid Protector who specialises in NEOPRENE FREE wetsuits. Neoprene free? What is that? I never knew that was even a thing, but it is, and the reason behind them is beautiful. I, like you, did not know that diving in neoprene damages the marine environment, but it does (a blog dedicated to this subject is coming soon) and Izabella really opened my eyes.

Izabelle was a pioneer to wetsuit fashion. She created a line of wetsuits made from a trilaminate material. This is comprised of soft fleece next to your skin, followed by a water-resistant layer and finished off with recycled polyester. The result was a light, fast drying wetsuit that was printable. Any image could be used to decorate the suit and the results are breath-taking. Underwater photographers teamed up with mermaid protector and turned each suit into a canvass….check them out!

So now, Mermaid Protector suits are my new favourite. I have the Napoleon Wrasse Model which even comes with a “relief Zipper”… no more fights with my suit when I have to rush to the loo after a dive!

What more could you want?



Other wetsuits that look awesome and are next on my wish list include:

5mm Bodyglove woman’s Atlas:
Why I like it: A heavy duty asymmetric front zipper and a huge pocket for slates and other teaching essentials makes this suit functional and flattering.
It also boasts a tech that traps the sun’s uv rays to keep your core temp high. I’ve no idea how it does this, but it sounds toasty.

Ladies 3mm BARE Evoke
Why I like it: inspired by yoga wear, this suit was designed with flexibility in mind. It boasts a 3D high stretch neoprene that lacks seams under the arms, making it sound as comfortable as your favourite set of fluffy pyjamas.

In my experience the best place to buy a wetsuit is from a dive show. The choices are huge, and they are all under one roof. The key to finding the best suit for you is testing them out and trying them on. We are all unique and a suit that is perfect for one may make another look like a bag of potatoes in the sun. Dive shows have it all, even dive tanks that may be available for you to take a test dunk in.

Which wetsuit would I like to buy next? I can’t decide, so I think I’ll make my way to DEMA at the end of 2022 to have a look at all the new options. My credit card is getting itchy already!

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