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New Divemster Monkey Swings In

So the winter season in Cyprus is coming to an end, the summer season is upon us and what a great way to start the year by being welcomed into the Scuba Monkey family in Ayia Napa, a modern and exciting diving school! On  my first day at Scuba Monkey I was a nervous wreck, but this soon disappeared. The dive centre is a stress free environment I found where even the customers were laughing their heads off throughout their experience in the hands of the monkeys! From start to finish there wasn’t one person who was not either smiling or laughing their heads off from the jokes & tales of the monkeys!

The weather is already a scorching 25 degrees in the shade and even though the water is 18 degrees, with the calm winds brushing the surface of the ocean its perfect time to brush up some skills and explore the underwater life in Cyprus, or even explore the Zenobia, one of the best wrecks in the world!

If any of you have ever thought about becoming a diving professional, scuba monkey is the place to do it! You won’t be disappointed, with their love & passion for diving!

So what you waiting for? Come & join the monkeys at Scuba monkey dive school in Agia Napa!

Jamie Bourke,

April 2013

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