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Scuba Diving Vs Snorkeling

Scuba Diving Vs Snorkeling: Understanding the Differences…..

Scuba diving and snorkeling have one major thing in common – underwater exploration and fun! How you explore and the level of exploration differs with these two methods. Which one is better? Well that is a matter of opinion….which one do you prefer?

Scuba Diving Vs Snorkeling: Both snorkeling and diving have some basic similarities. Both require a mask, snorkel and fins, and both allow an uninterrupted view of the underwater world. Both can be taught using the PADI System too.  That is where the similarities end however.


VeliSnorkeling1Ver020508CVTHiResSnorkeling: The basics.

Snorkeling is an awesome way for everyone to explore the blue stuff. It requires only the ability to swim and breathe and have fun. No training is required. One merely places the mouthpiece in the mouth, adjusts the mask and puts the face in the water. The fins allow your powerful leg muscles to move effortlessly through the water.   Snorkeling in Cyprus is hugely popular, with calm clear waters that make everything underwater come into view with just a few short kick cycles. Snorkelers often see things that divers miss. Turtles who breathe air like us have to go to the surface frequently, and a snorkeler is there to see this beautiful creature ascend for a fresh lungful before dipping back under the waves. The reason why many divers miss this is because most divers are looking down for the majority of their time under the water. While working in Australia my boss would often ask me if I saw that “huge manta ray” that was over my bubbles for ages – and I would guiltily say that I hadn’t because I was too buy looking at something else, that I hadn’t looked up for the whole dive. Shame on me – I know. The snorkelers on the boat would proudly declare “I did, I did” and would hurry to show me their cameras as proof.

Yes – snorkeling is fun. You should try it if you haven’t already.


Diving is Fun too!!Diving: The basics.

Scuba diving is awesome because it is total immersion in the ocean. It is 360 degrees of pure freedom and it allows you to go deeper than snorkelers with a supply of highly compressed air carried on your back. Divers’ equipment includes, but is not limited to, a mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, buoyancy control device, regulator, depth gauge, air gauge and mouthpiece. Scuba diving does require some training however, but the good news is that this training takes just a couple of days before you can start exploring. Snorkelers spend the majority of their time in the shallows whereas divers can go to greater depths and explore things as they have more equipment, and more time as they have their own air supply!. The open water course takes just 3-4 days and it is your ticket to explore over 70% of this little blue planet that we call home.


All in all, both sports offer huge opportunities for adventure. Cyprus has some of the best conditions for both. I personally never leave home without the ABC’s – mask, fins and snorkel, because I never  know when I will feel the craving to see what is below the surface. Divers often use snorkeling as a way to find a new dive site, as the air supply is unlimited and time is not an issue. It is also great exercise!


What is your favorite? What experiences have you had doing both? What gives you greatest satisfaction?  Where is your favorite place to snorkel? What is your favorite dive site?


Tell me, I am waiting to hear from you!

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