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Slowly Slowly Catch the Monkey – How To Enjoy Longer Dives.


50barMy father has been an avid diver since the 1970’s and one of his favorite catch phases has always been:

“Diving is a hundred hours of work for one hour of fun, but what an hour it is”.

This is true on so many levels; the organization, the kit, the transport, the maintenance and safety aspects are mostly handled by your local dive center – but the dive itself is down to you, the certified diver. After so much has been coordinated, wouldn’t you like to make your time underwater last as long as possible?

I know it is exciting. I know it is exhilarating. I know you want to see everything you can – but speed is not your friend.  Depth is a huge controlling factor of air consumption, but how much you move and the position in which you do so plays a big part too. Good buoyancy skills are paramount, you want to be correctly weighted and keep yourself as stream-lined as possible. The peak performance buoyancy course is perfect for you in this case. As in most sports, quick bursts of power allow you to cover greater distances faster. Diving is the exception to the rule. If you dive slowly, you not only cover more distance but you also get out of diving what you got into diving for – whatever that may be. As you slow down your breathing becomes an almost enchanting rhythm and you become one with the ocean. Your eye relaxes and your mind can catch even the smallest movement – leading you to discover all the things that are waiting for you.

I am often asked “How on earth did you spot that tiny little nudibranch or seahorse? – it was so small!” The answer is simple – slow down!

The ocean is so vast that it may be a little daunting, and some of those with cameras are so desperate to have the shot that will be so “oooh-ed” at that they forget that diving is a state of mind.

Stop competing over air consumption. I have experienced countless post dive conversations where one buddy is showing off that they used less air than anyone else. My answer is simple. Stop caring. Stop comparing. As long as you have enough air for your dive, and you surface with the agreed contingency supply, who cares? Seriously? As soon as you stop caring and competing, your consumption will drop dramatically and your “click dive” will happen. I know. I have seen it countless times and it always makes me smile. It will make you smile too. This tranquillity will slow you down and you will be amazed at how much more of the dive site you can cover.


Try it!


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