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3 Remarkable Reasons You Should Trust in Scuba

3 Remarkable Reasons You Should Trust in Scuba Learn to dive and you learn to live. The world is for experiences. The world is for joy. The world is the world, so get involved! Scuba diving is one of the … Continue reading

Need Scuba Gear, but Have No Idea? Part 3: BCD’s (Buoyancy Control Device)

Need Scuba Gear, but Have No Idea?? Fear Not. Part 3: Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) Cost: €200-1000 What do I need a BCD for? What do they do? Scuba Gear: The BCD. Buoyancy control is one of the most essential … Continue reading

Underwater Photography: Tips and Tricks

Underwater Photography: Tips and Tricks   Scuba diving is beautiful and so it is only natural to want to capture this beauty with a camera. Underwater photography is similar to photography on land – but there are some differences. You … Continue reading

What are Lionfish Doing in Cyprus?

What are Lionfish Doing in Cyprus?     Scientific name: Pterois volitans/miles   Common name: lionfish         Last week Scuba Monkey finally encountered the lionfish which have been seen at the Cliffs dive site at Konnos point. … Continue reading

Why I love being a PADI instructor.

Why I love being a PADI instructor. I have been a PADI instructor for a decade as of 2015. Why do I love it? Why can I not even imagine to do anything else? What is so addictive about teaching … Continue reading

The Female Voice: Diving Divas (Part 1)

Scuba Diving is still a considered a “manly” activity. Today 75% of the world’s divers are men.  However, this three to one ratio is a vast improvement to the eight to one split that we saw ten years ago. This year … Continue reading

I Dream of Scuba.

When I Sleep I dream of scuba. Scuba diving is my life, I have done nothing else nor could imagine leaving my underwater family. Every customer that comes through Scuba Monkeys doors leaves as a friend, every instructor I meet … Continue reading

The Underwater perspective

The Underwater world of Cyprus is not to be missed.   Cyprus is a beautiful island. It is sunny 300 days a year and the crystal clear waters that surround it means that the underwater world is one of its … Continue reading

Staying Safe While Scuba Diving in Cyprus.

Staying safe while scuba diving in Cyprus is extremely important, just as it is in the rest of the world.  Ayia Napa is located on the south eastern coast of the island of Cyprus. It is well known for its … Continue reading

Do you know how to get the most out of your membership fees?

Where Do My PADI Dollars Go?

Where do my PADI Dollars Go is a question we all ask. PADI = the Professional Association of Diving Instructors has many humorous acronyms. Perhaps the most well-known is put another dollar in, or put all your dollars in….but where … Continue reading