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Need scuba gear, but have no Idea? Part 1: The Mask and Snorkel

Need scuba gear, but have no Idea? Part 1: The Mask and Snorkel. Scuba Gear choices are huge. It’s a big old blue world out there and if you are new to scuba diving then maybe you have started thinking … Continue reading

Why I love being a PADI instructor.

Why I love being a PADI instructor. I have been a PADI instructor for a decade as of 2015. Why do I love it? Why can I not even imagine to do anything else? What is so addictive about teaching … Continue reading

Female voice: Diving Divas (Part 2)

In part one of this diving divas piece we explored some misconceptions associated with females and diving. Lets explore some more subtle differences between the sexes shall we? Who makes the better student? Who makes the better diver? Who makes … Continue reading

The Female Voice: Diving Divas (Part 1)

Scuba Diving is still a considered a “manly” activity. Today 75% of the world’s divers are men.  However, this three to one ratio is a vast improvement to the eight to one split that we saw ten years ago. This year … Continue reading

Sunshine, Selfies and Scuba

This week has been a crazy one; full of sunshine, selfies and scuba. Why? Well – it’s Zenobia week of course! This special wreck event week is fast becoming a tradition and this year was no exception. Dive centers from … Continue reading

Do you know how to get the most out of your membership fees?

Where Do My PADI Dollars Go?

Where do my PADI Dollars Go is a question we all ask. PADI = the Professional Association of Diving Instructors has many humorous acronyms. Perhaps the most well-known is put another dollar in, or put all your dollars in….but where … Continue reading

Missing Scuba Mojo? How to Re-Kindle Your Diving Passion.

Impossible as it may seem to you, diving, like life, gets monotonous. How is it possible for one to become bored underwater? How is it possible that the  sheer joy of being weightless and immersed in another world  becomes dull and … Continue reading

The Open Water Diver Course: Having a Positive Experience

I have been a PADI instructor for 9 years now and I have certified countless new divers. I thought I would share a few tips for you, the student who has yet to hit the water for your open water … Continue reading

Wedding celebration at Scuba Monkey

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, and she was born here on the Island of Cyprus. This fact, and the perfect weather, make Cyprus one of the most popular places in the world to get married. Judit and Andrei did … Continue reading

Servicing Your Gear and Why It’s Important

  The underwater environment is not our natural habitat. We were not born with gills (unfortunately) and so we rely on good old human invention and the laws of physics to allow us to access the 70% of this planet … Continue reading