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3 Remarkable Reasons You Should Trust in Scuba

3 Remarkable Reasons You Should Trust in Scuba Learn to dive and you learn to live. The world is for experiences. The world is for joy. The world is the world, so get involved! Scuba diving is one of the … Continue reading

Underwater Photography: Tips and Tricks

Underwater Photography: Tips and Tricks   Scuba diving is beautiful and so it is only natural to want to capture this beauty with a camera. Underwater photography is similar to photography on land – but there are some differences. You … Continue reading

Female voice: Diving Divas (Part 2)

In part one of this diving divas piece we explored some misconceptions associated with females and diving. Lets explore some more subtle differences between the sexes shall we? Who makes the better student? Who makes the better diver? Who makes … Continue reading

Sunshine, Selfies and Scuba

This week has been a crazy one; full of sunshine, selfies and scuba. Why? Well – it’s Zenobia week of course! This special wreck event week is fast becoming a tradition and this year was no exception. Dive centers from … Continue reading

I Dream of Scuba.

When I Sleep I dream of scuba. Scuba diving is my life, I have done nothing else nor could imagine leaving my underwater family. Every customer that comes through Scuba Monkeys doors leaves as a friend, every instructor I meet … Continue reading

Scuba Diving – An Excellent Vacation Activity

Vacations are what we look forward to all year. Vacations are times that make life worth living. They fill our memory books, photo albums and twitter accounts. They come and go all too quickly and we feel the pressure to … Continue reading


How much do scuba diving lessons cost is a hot question among students and dive centers alike. Scuba diving allows you to go places that are outside of our normal biological means, it allows us to breathe underwater. It is a … Continue reading

Good Scuba Diving Etiquette in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

  Diving is a highly sociable sport. Scuba diving etiquette should be observed to ensure that you have the best possible day and are not forced to “Walk the Plank” by your fellow divers. Don’t be “That Guy” or Gal … Continue reading

Scuba Diving Vs Snorkeling

Scuba Diving Vs Snorkeling: Understanding the Differences….. Scuba diving and snorkeling have one major thing in common – underwater exploration and fun! How you explore and the level of exploration differs with these two methods. Which one is better? Well … Continue reading

Missing Scuba Mojo? How to Re-Kindle Your Diving Passion.

Impossible as it may seem to you, diving, like life, gets monotonous. How is it possible for one to become bored underwater? How is it possible that the  sheer joy of being weightless and immersed in another world  becomes dull and … Continue reading