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The Open Water Diver Course: Having a Positive Experience

I have been a PADI instructor for 9 years now and I have certified countless new divers. I thought I would share a few tips for you, the student who has yet to hit the water for your open water … Continue reading

Wedding celebration at Scuba Monkey

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love, and she was born here on the Island of Cyprus. This fact, and the perfect weather, make Cyprus one of the most popular places in the world to get married. Judit and Andrei did … Continue reading

Why Nudibranch are my favourite underwater creature.

Often called a a ‘sea-slug’, these beautiful and colourful creatures are my absolute favourite thing in the world.  What is a nudibranch you ask? Well, a nudibranch is a marine snail that has evolved over the millennia and has lost … Continue reading

Bubblemaker program…..diving for the 8-10 year olds.

The kids can join in too! The Bubble-Maker program allows your child to go to a maximum depth of 2 meters…..feeding the fish and playing games with one-to-one instruction. Don’t you remember how exciting even a small dam was as … Continue reading