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5 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Good for Your Health.

5 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Good for Your Health. The reasons why we scuba dive are personal. We each want something different out of that blue stuff and we become certified divers in order to pursue this pleasure. We all … Continue reading

Sunshine, Selfies and Scuba

This week has been a crazy one; full of sunshine, selfies and scuba. Why? Well – it’s Zenobia week of course! This special wreck event week is fast becoming a tradition and this year was no exception. Dive centers from … Continue reading

Scuba Gear: When and Why Should I Replace my Gear?

Scuba gear is essential; without it we cannot dive. Scuba gear is made of some pretty durable stuff; our regulators are machined from solid blocks of metal with precision parts and our BCD’s are crafted from the strongest of materials. … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why You Should Try Scuba Diving in Agia Napa, Cyprus

Cyprus is home to seven hundred and fifty thousand local residents and plays host to three and a half million visitors every year. As an Island in the Mediterranean Sea travelers are naturally drawn to the coast as the beaches … Continue reading

Scuba Diving – An Excellent Vacation Activity

Vacations are what we look forward to all year. Vacations are times that make life worth living. They fill our memory books, photo albums and twitter accounts. They come and go all too quickly and we feel the pressure to … Continue reading

Why All Inclusive Cyprus Holidays are Bad News

  We have all felt the temptation of booking that all-inclusive week in the sun. It is just so easy to pass the controls of your holiday over to someone else, to just hit a single “pay once” button and … Continue reading