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Female voice: Diving Divas (Part 2)

In part one of this diving divas piece we explored some misconceptions associated with females and diving. Lets explore some more subtle differences between the sexes shall we? Who makes the better student? Who makes the better diver? Who makes … Continue reading

I Dream of Scuba.

When I Sleep I dream of scuba. Scuba diving is my life, I have done nothing else nor could imagine leaving my underwater family. Every customer that comes through Scuba Monkeys doors leaves as a friend, every instructor I meet … Continue reading

Servicing Your Gear and Why It’s Important

  The underwater environment is not our natural habitat. We were not born with gills (unfortunately) and so we rely on good old human invention and the laws of physics to allow us to access the 70% of this planet … Continue reading

The Night Dive: Full Moon & BIOLUMINESCENCE

Words cannot describe how beautiful our full moon night dives are.  As the sun sets, the vibrant colours of daylight dives are reduced to an eerily calm darkness.  The ocean’s colourful fish disappear and in their place nocturnal creatures start … Continue reading

New Divemster Monkey Swings In

So the winter season in Cyprus is coming to an end, the summer season is upon us and what a great way to start the year by being welcomed into the Scuba Monkey family in Ayia Napa, a modern and … Continue reading

Things are warming up….

July is upon us and Agia Napa is in mid swing and the season has hit the half-way point. Where does the time go? The water has hit a balmy 29 degrees today, just one more week and I predict … Continue reading

Napa Live brings The Kooks and Scuba Monkey Together

Napa Live has been an awesome force in Napa every summer and this summer is no different. The KOOKS are due on island any day now, and a huge beach party extravaganza takes place on Tuesday the 26th of June … Continue reading