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The Female Voice: Diving Divas (Part 1)

Scuba Diving is still a considered a “manly” activity. Today 75% of the world’s divers are men.  However, this three to one ratio is a vast improvement to the eight to one split that we saw ten years ago. This year … Continue reading

The Night Dive: Full Moon & BIOLUMINESCENCE

Words cannot describe how beautiful our full moon night dives are.  As the sun sets, the vibrant colours of daylight dives are reduced to an eerily calm darkness.  The ocean’s colourful fish disappear and in their place nocturnal creatures start … Continue reading

Wreck Diving. What makes a man jump off a perfectly good boat?

  Good question. Monkey’s answer is simple. Wreck diving! Wrecks are usually too far from shore to access from land – I know I hate long surface swims – what about you? A boat is needed. The bigger the better … Continue reading

The Big Thumb

  “Thumbs – up” in any situation other than diving is the universal signal for having an awesome time, and it is a pretty hard habit to break when you are having fun. As a recreational scuba instructor in Cyprus … Continue reading

Success for new PADI instructor

Have you ever thought about a life changing carrer move that can bring a new level of happiness to everyone you come into contact with? Our latest PADI Instructors did exactly that! Steffen Dybvik achived his lifelong dream of becomning a … Continue reading