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Female voice: Diving Divas (Part 2)

In part one of this diving divas piece we explored some misconceptions associated with females and diving. Lets explore some more subtle differences between the sexes shall we? Who makes the better student? Who makes the better diver? Who makes … Continue reading

Sunshine, Selfies and Scuba

This week has been a crazy one; full of sunshine, selfies and scuba. Why? Well – it’s Zenobia week of course! This special wreck event week is fast becoming a tradition and this year was no exception. Dive centers from … Continue reading

I Dream of Scuba.

When I Sleep I dream of scuba. Scuba diving is my life, I have done nothing else nor could imagine leaving my underwater family. Every customer that comes through Scuba Monkeys doors leaves as a friend, every instructor I meet … Continue reading

The Underwater perspective

The Underwater world of Cyprus is not to be missed.   Cyprus is a beautiful island. It is sunny 300 days a year and the crystal clear waters that surround it means that the underwater world is one of its … Continue reading

Scuba Gear: When and Why Should I Replace my Gear?

Scuba gear is essential; without it we cannot dive. Scuba gear is made of some pretty durable stuff; our regulators are machined from solid blocks of metal with precision parts and our BCD’s are crafted from the strongest of materials. … Continue reading


How much do scuba diving lessons cost is a hot question among students and dive centers alike. Scuba diving allows you to go places that are outside of our normal biological means, it allows us to breathe underwater. It is a … Continue reading

Underwater Wedding: Travelling Monkeys, Marriage and Mayhem – the Shark edition!

An Underwater wedding? How? Where?   As you may or may not know, Cyprus is a seasonal location – despite what the holiday channels may tell you. Flights to the island are hugely reduced and most hotels close their doors … Continue reading

Project AWARE: The importance of Whale Poo to the Carbon Cycle.

Project AWARE is here to protect our ocean planet, Scuba Monkey is the only 100% AWARE diving center in Cyprus. We are dedicated to conservation and raising global awareness. Climate change. Sea levels rising. More extreme weather events. Climate refugees. … Continue reading

Staying Safe While Scuba Diving in Cyprus.

Staying safe while scuba diving in Cyprus is extremely important, just as it is in the rest of the world.  Ayia Napa is located on the south eastern coast of the island of Cyprus. It is well known for its … Continue reading

Scuba Diving Vs Snorkeling

Scuba Diving Vs Snorkeling: Understanding the Differences….. Scuba diving and snorkeling have one major thing in common – underwater exploration and fun! How you explore and the level of exploration differs with these two methods. Which one is better? Well … Continue reading