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Underwater Photography: Tips and Tricks

Underwater Photography: Tips and Tricks   Scuba diving is beautiful and so it is only natural to want to capture this beauty with a camera. Underwater photography is similar to photography on land – but there are some differences. You … Continue reading

Scuba Diver Training: Your Official PADI Identification Photograph

Scuba Diver Training: Your Official PADI Identification Photograph Scuba diver training is fun. You learn new skills that gives you access to 70% of this planet that was previously inaccessible to you. Its challenging and rewarding, but in order to … Continue reading

What are Lionfish Doing in Cyprus?

What are Lionfish Doing in Cyprus?     Scientific name: Pterois volitans/miles   Common name: lionfish         Last week Scuba Monkey finally encountered the lionfish which have been seen at the Cliffs dive site at Konnos point. … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Good for Your Health.

5 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is Good for Your Health. The reasons why we scuba dive are personal. We each want something different out of that blue stuff and we become certified divers in order to pursue this pleasure. We all … Continue reading

The Female Voice: Diving Divas (Part 1)

Scuba Diving is still a considered a “manly” activity. Today 75% of the world’s divers are men.  However, this three to one ratio is a vast improvement to the eight to one split that we saw ten years ago. This year … Continue reading

The Underwater perspective

The Underwater world of Cyprus is not to be missed.   Cyprus is a beautiful island. It is sunny 300 days a year and the crystal clear waters that surround it means that the underwater world is one of its … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why You Should Try Scuba Diving in Agia Napa, Cyprus

Cyprus is home to seven hundred and fifty thousand local residents and plays host to three and a half million visitors every year. As an Island in the Mediterranean Sea travelers are naturally drawn to the coast as the beaches … Continue reading

Why All Inclusive Cyprus Holidays are Bad News

  We have all felt the temptation of booking that all-inclusive week in the sun. It is just so easy to pass the controls of your holiday over to someone else, to just hit a single “pay once” button and … Continue reading

Missing Scuba Mojo? How to Re-Kindle Your Diving Passion.

Impossible as it may seem to you, diving, like life, gets monotonous. How is it possible for one to become bored underwater? How is it possible that the  sheer joy of being weightless and immersed in another world  becomes dull and … Continue reading

Servicing Your Gear and Why It’s Important

  The underwater environment is not our natural habitat. We were not born with gills (unfortunately) and so we rely on good old human invention and the laws of physics to allow us to access the 70% of this planet … Continue reading