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What are Lionfish Doing in Cyprus?

What are Lionfish Doing in Cyprus?     Scientific name: Pterois volitans/miles   Common name: lionfish         Last week Scuba Monkey finally encountered the lionfish which have been seen at the Cliffs dive site at Konnos point. … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why You Should Try Scuba Diving in Agia Napa, Cyprus

Cyprus is home to seven hundred and fifty thousand local residents and plays host to three and a half million visitors every year. As an Island in the Mediterranean Sea travelers are naturally drawn to the coast as the beaches … Continue reading

Staying Safe While Scuba Diving in Cyprus.

Staying safe while scuba diving in Cyprus is extremely important, just as it is in the rest of the world.  Ayia Napa is located on the south eastern coast of the island of Cyprus. It is well known for its … Continue reading

I Want to Be a Real mermaid: How Do I Become Half Fish?

  Don’t be so silly. You may as well want to become a unicorn! Not true. We humans are remarkable and our dreams become a reality soon after an inventor puts their thinking caps on. We have taught ourselves to … Continue reading

The importance of the safety stop:

I was recently asked if it was mandatory to make a safely stop on dives like the Zenobia.  The Zenobia is an extremely deep dive site off the coast of Larnaca, Cyprus and it is best enjoyed using Nitrox to … Continue reading

The Want

 Every diver knows this feeling. It is an evil little monster that leads us to lust after new equipment. We all think that our first set of scuba will carry us forever: that if it is correctly maintained it will … Continue reading

Wreck Diving. What makes a man jump off a perfectly good boat?

  Good question. Monkey’s answer is simple. Wreck diving! Wrecks are usually too far from shore to access from land – I know I hate long surface swims – what about you? A boat is needed. The bigger the better … Continue reading

Dive intern report: A day in the life of an intern

“Fantastic”, “Brilliant”, “frappe” and “simply amazing” are just some of the words I use every single day while at Scuba monkey. My home town is Thurso, the most Northerly town in the UK, which geographically speaking is further north than … Continue reading