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The Want

 Every diver knows this feeling. It is an evil little monster that leads us to lust after new equipment. We all think that our first set of scuba will carry us forever: that if it is correctly maintained it will be all we could ever wish for. Not true. I wish it was. Alas “the want” is always present, always whispering to you, begging you to browse the pages of the diving magazines and choose your next piece of equipment to unlock the next level of your undersea adventures.

“The Want” is cleaver. Is it quiet. It builds your anticipation until your credit card practically jumps out of your wallet and enters its code into your keyboard. You didn’t even mean it to happen.

There are worse things to feed “the want” – worse than the magazines are other divers. Divers travel a great deal and are always dancing in front of you with the latest bit of gear.

What is my “want-monster” calling for now? The Razor side mount harness. It is beautiful. It is simple and sleek – and costs over the 600 euro mark. My head screams at me – No! My credit card starts to twitch and my heart does a little flip. My BCD looks at me – I swear it is crying, it know it is going to be replaced. Don’t worry I whisper. I will always need you for courses. I promise.

So my question to you – fellow diver – is this.  What is on your wish list? What is your “want monster” calling out for?  I am curious but scared to know – what if one of the responses is something that I cannot resist?


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