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Why I love being a PADI instructor.

Why I love being a PADI instructor.

PADI Instructor

A PADI Instructor Changes Lives and it is Utterly Addictive

I have been a PADI instructor for a decade as of 2015. Why do I love it? Why can I not even imagine to do anything else? What is so addictive about teaching people how to blow bubbles anyway?


Diving has always been a way of life for me; my father did it and lived it, and now so do I. I live on the beautiful island of Cyprus. I have taught here for the last ten years in the summer months and traveled to far distant lands in the winters to teach there too. I love everything about scuba diving; the way of life, the people i meet, the lives i change, the aquatic realm.  You can encounter most of these things as a recreational diver – so what changes when you take your passion turn it into a career? You become a pivotal point in countless people’s lives – that’s what.


You change lives. That is what makes being a PADI instructor so utterly addictive – for me anyhow.




PADI Instructor shows a lucky family a turtle

Discover Scuba Diving Program Participants are in Awe of the Underwater world

The majority of Scuba Monkey guests are absolute beginners. They have never even thought about diving before and suddenly they are totally immersed into another world. They are breathing underwater for the very first time and you are there to witness their wonder. They are taking part in the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program and their lives will never be the same again. I love being a PADI instructor because I get to be someones first – time and time again, day after day – and that is a very , very  special thing. I will be remembered by each cautious Scuba Monkey as they place their face past the surface of the water, past what has been a barrier to them up until this moment. I watch their eyes as they start to relax. I watch their eyes as their brain accepts the new experience of being able to breathe underwater. I love watching this transformation. It is seductive and I will never have enough. As I gradually guide them through each step of the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program I see them go from a surface dweller to an Ocean Explorer. Each kick of each  fin propels them further and further down the big blue rabbit hole that us seasoned divers know too well. Nervous breathing and big eyes are replaced by a tranquil thirst for more. By the time the dive is over they are bursting with excitement. Their joy is everywhere. It is in their smiles. It is in their desperation when they ask “when can we go again”? I always smile and reassure them – “as soon as you want!”.


PADI instructor

I Love Being a PADI instructor – Just look how amazed this new diver is!

I love being a PADI instructor for many other reasons. Perhaps I will share them with you in another blog….but for now – this is why I love teaching SCUBA!


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